Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The valley of the goblins

We took a last minute trip over the fall break to Goblin Valley. I love this place! Nowhere else can you let your kids run and climb all over without worrying about someone telling them to get down and behave. Not that that happens to us often!

We were lucky enough to have our good friends, the Hathaway's, join us for the day. It helped to have others there to be brave and show off for. I enjoyed watching Sadie, 4, pose for photos! Such a cute girl. We girls took it a bit easier than the monkeys who I claim as children.
We packed our bags with snacks, water, and sunscreen and ventured into another world. The boys were off without hesitation and immediately imagination took over. They acted out scenes from Star Wars and Indiana Jones, threw a football from goblin to goblin, and had a great game of both Sardines and Hide and Seek. They imagined the perfect hide out and what they would do for Emergency Survival. They just better hope they don't need to hide out in the heat of the summer or they may melt. They climbed up the rocks as far as they could without thinking about how they would get back down-why do they do that?

In all we had a great break from the regular chaos we call life!

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Drew said...

That looks so cool! I want to go to Goblin Valley now!