Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My big boy, Kaylor, turns 16

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy! I can't believe I have had this amazing child in my life for sixteen years. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming. He has really grown, both physically and emotionally, this past year. He takes great pride in the fact that he's grown taller than me. He is oh so ready to get his driver's license so he can be "official", which won't be until that eagle project is completed. The fact that he will soon start dating completely freaks me out. Any advice out there, please send it my way.



Mark & Sabrina said...

Good luck on finding advice for a 16 year old.
I am willing to give him a good drag race.


Drew said...

Tell Kaylor Congrats on the big 16! Sounds like fun! I wish I was 16 so I could get my driver's license! Have a great day!

Nicole said...

HEY! You're blogging! I'm so HAPPY :)

Love you, Shel-Bel!

Jeff and Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Kaylor! Advice? I don't have any for parents. All I can say is what I remember and wish I'd done better. Being 16 is such a fun time. It is also hard. Being 16 is like the Last Days: Great and Dreadful. I'd say if you keep your focus on family, Church, mission & school, you'll do fine. Let that occupy most your thoughts. Friends and dates can be a small portion of the rest, but I think that too much time is wasted on friends, popularity, and serious dating. That stuff works much better after a mission. Enjoy your family; prepare for a mission; and work really hard in school. All that will establish how well dating goes after you get home. I can't emphasize how much your life will hinge on how hard you work in school and if you serve a mission.
Looks like you had a fun trip as well. Love you guys!

Kimbers Sorensen said...

Girls are trouble!! Kaylor don't kiss too many! ;) haha You are 16!! You have to now drive me to Wendy's and I'll buy the frosties :)